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Top 8 Best Tumblr Alternatives

Tumblr Alternatives

Tumblr is a miniaturized scale blogging site just as an online life stage with a different fanbase. Tumblr permits you to post photographs, recordings just as text as a short blog.

Tumblr Alternatives

If you are searching for Tumblr alternatives, here are a few sites like Tumblr that you can use to share your unique content and follow online journals of your inclinations.

Tumblr Alternatives

Tumblr Alternatives


It’s difficult to discuss blogging sites without referencing WordPress. WordPress is the most mainstream Tumblr alternative that you ought to consider. WordPress comes in two variations, a free and open-source content-based substance, the board framework (CMS) that can be introduced on a web server, and a freemium blogging stage that encourages you to kick your first blog off in quite a while.

  • It is very adjustable, on account of the multitudinous subjects and usefulness upgrading modules accessible for it.
  • Not simply that, it has all that you would anticipate from a strong blogging administration, including multi-client support, informal organization reconciliation, SEO, and custom labels/classifications.
  • Generally, in case that you need a completely stacked blogging administration, WordPress is the best easy decision.



Blogger is one of the most effortless blogging stages out there. Also, in case you are to put resources into the Google biological system, this is outstanding amongst other Tumblr alternatives for you.

  • It incorporates a too straightforward electronic post manager, and you can have up to 100 web journals for every record.
  • Blogger additionally has choices for survey nitty-gritty details, for example, month to month site visits, traffic sources, and so forth for your blog. And there is full incorporation with Google’s AdSense program also, for simple adaptation.
  • Blogger’s horrible UI has been refreshed at long last, and it presently has a lovely Material Design language being utilized over the stage, making it one of the most beautiful looking Tumbler options.



Mastodon is one of the most loved Tumblr alternative that is utilized by numerous individuals. It is a decentralized and open-source microblogging site that has singular servers and separate courses of events. Not at all like Tumblr, which has a serious network, Mastodon has a genial network with something for everybody.

  • The long-range interpersonal communication site has a Twitter-like interface and Tumblr-like network stage.
  • The site has developed since the time Tumblr confronted a prohibition on grown-up content as an ever-increasing number of individuals consider this to be the ideal Tumblr substitution in 2019.


In case you are searching for a platform that is a lot of like Tumblr, Pillowfort is your go-to alternative. The PillowFort has ascended to popularity after Tumblr expelled grown-up content from its site.

  • To the enjoyment of many, Pillowtalk permits NSFW content, which makes a definitive Tumblr swap in 2019 for every one of those chafed by the boycott forced by Tumblr.
  • You can share text posts, photographs, GIFs, and representations with the individuals who follow your blog.


Medium has immediately ascended to get one of the most well-known blogging stages in under four years. It’s an unmistakably special from the other blogging administrations; it might be said that it concentrates more on components, for example, nature of substance, and how distributed stories associate with the perusers, rather than insights like online visits and traffic.

  • Medium games a moderate content tool, and has highlights, for example, console alternate routes, sharing connections, and the capacity to set perceivability, labels, and so forth for articles.
  • You can even import posts from different administrations, just as a tag, follow your preferred creators. There is support for setting up custom areas.



Posthaven may very well be the best Tumblr alternative. With a forthright soliciting cost from $5/month for a blog account, Posthaven, in its own words, is assistance that plans to keep going forever. They likewise have a promise that expresses that the administration will never get sold or obtained, ever.

  • It’s established by the makers of the now-dead Posterous and incorporates highlights like secret phrase secured web journals, email warnings for blog movement, and posts having records and sound/video content.
  • It should be noticed that Posthaven is very youthful and still a work in progress.
  • All stated, Posthaven is promising, yet the way that it doesn’t considerably offer a preliminary record, and you can’t begin utilizing it except if month to month charge is paid, is a killjoy.


Ello is a stage for makers where you can interface with craftsmen and fashioners. In case you are searching for a Tumblr alternative choice to join a network of similarly invested individuals, Ello is a stage you should join.

  • Here, you can team up with specialists and follow your preferred craftsmen on the stage.
  • Ello has a basic interface and a huge network of specialists. We can’t state that it is better than Tumblr in light of the fact that Ello doesn’t offer a lot of degrees for long range interpersonal communication.
  • In any case, it could be an extraordinary option attributable to its locale.


Obviously, we can’t keep Reddit separate from this rundown. Reddit isn’t a blogging site yet works pretty much along these lines. Clients can present their posts as connections, text posts, and pictures in subreddits, and afterward, individuals upvote or downvote them.



  • It is one of the most mainstream organizes on the web with regards to networks.
  • Reddit is fundamentally a conversation site where individuals examine various themes.
  • In case you are looking for a Tumblr alternative as a result of its networks, Reddit will dazzle you.


In this discussion, we discussed the best Tumblr alternatives that you can get from the web. We shared data on every alternative app with authentic details. If you have questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Is Tumblr safe?

Tumblr itself won’t infuse malware into your PC except if the center code that controls the site is, by one way or another, undermined. Perusing with the default, Tumblr protected mode as a typical client presents almost no danger to your framework.

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