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Top 5 Best Roll20 Alternatives

Roll20 Alternatives

Do you love playing board games with others online by using the Roll20 tools set? Chances are you might also want to know what are the best Roll20 Alternatives. This post is purely intended to aware you about what are the best Roll20 Alternatives.

Roll20 is one of the most popular sets of digital tools that stormed to popularity extending the paper and pencil set. It is used by people to play board games online with other players. Another great reason for their popularity is that they are incredibly easy and free. However, to run Roll20, you will need an internet connection since it entirely depends on the internet.

Roll20 is powered by HTML5 technology, and you can run it in any web browser. It acts like a virtual table, character-building, and abstract tools. You don’t need to download and install anything or go through those annoying configuration settings that you want to avoid.

Regardless of how popular Roll20 is, there is still room for features that users want to see in it, but it doesn’t have them yet. You must be looking for artwork, regardless of whether it is a character, card, or something in-between. For people who are satisfied with a theater of the mind, Roll20 is the best option they have got in their pockets. However, for people looking to find a dragon-born wizard, they must find another good image of it.

5 Best Roll20 Alternatives

5 Best Roll20 Alternatives

5 Best Roll20 Alternatives

Here are some of the best Roll20 Alternatives that are a must-have;

1-      Fantasy Grounds – Roll20 Alternatives

Fantasy Grounds – Roll20 Alternatives

Fantasy Grounds – Roll20 Alternatives

One of the popular Roll20 Alternatives around is Fantasy Grounds. The tool serves as a virtual table to assist gamers to play online role-playing games with a game master that allows you to play with your friends.

If you ever played a map-based game, you will find it somehow familiar. Establishing it up is pretty simple, and you just need to roll a dice to start the game. Based on the output, you will be required to move your selection. You will also be able to build a character from scratch.

Moreover, you will also get Character sheets that you can use to view the user’s progress. It was developed for the D&D games.

2-      D&D Beyond – Roll20 Alternatives

D&D Beyond – Roll20 Alternatives

D&D Beyond – Roll20 Alternatives

Another best Roll20 alternative is D&D Beyond and popular among users who love table-top games. The platform was stormed to popularity after it was used in a popular America sitcom TV show known as The Big Bang Theory. D&D is also the only official toolkit for Dungeons and Dragons.

What sets it apart from other Roll20 Alternatives is its compatibility with Twitch. Equipped with various features, it is another straightforward toolkit. The platform is equipped with spells, official characters, and items. You can use without paying anything; however, it also offers an optional subscription that you can subscribe to.

You will be able to use the services for free, and if you are a paid member, you will have the benefit of some additional features.

3-      Map Tool – Roll20 Alternatives

Map Tool – Roll20 Alternatives

Map Tool – Roll20 Alternatives

If there is any Roll20 alternative that can also refer to as a virtual dashboard, it is no other than Map Tool. The tool is equipped with interactive software, which supports multiple user interactions. However, if you want to run this tool, make sure you are updated to JAVA 6 or the latest. It also has a graph media, which allows you to play face-to-face.

The tool also lets you play these games online in real-time. The reason why it is so popular as a Roll20 alternative is its role-playing games. You don’t need to buy its subscription to run it. You are just required to have a good network setting to connect to it. However, just like D&D Beyond, it also has an optional donation option that you can pay for, but if you don’t, you will have access to use all of its features.

4-      Beyond Tabletop – Roll20 Alternatives

Beyond Tabletop – Roll20 Alternatives

Beyond Tabletop – Roll20 Alternatives

If you enjoy having Roll20, you should try out Beyond Tabletop. Both of these are almost similar to each other, and that is the main reason why it is another best Roll20 alternative. It is equipped with multiple tools to assist players and aid them in in-game sessions.

Moreover, you will also see character sheets and maps. It also allows you to have online characters that are easy to use. Similar to other Roll20 Alternatives included in this list, you don’t need to install it on your device. Beyond Tabletop also work flawlessly with touch-screens.

Using the character sheets, you will be able to either play in real-time or online. It also enables you to jump into a battle with your buddies.

5-      GM Force – Roll20 Alternatives

GM Force – Roll20 Alternatives

GM Force – Roll20 Alternatives

GM Force is an independent virtual table that is equipped with several features. It is another popular Roll20 alternative that you must consider. It has features that will be familiar for your if you have any of the above mentioned or any other table-top platforms.

Having the GM Force, you will get an incredible dashboard experience. The only thing that sets it apart from all other Roll20 Alternatives included in this list is you will need to pay $30 to run it. However, it is a single payment, and you don’t need to pay for it again.


So these were some platforms that we have tried on our device and found the best Roll20 Alternatives. If you have any other in your list and you think it inserts itself in our Roll20 Alternatives list, feel free to tell us in the comment section below.


Q: What platform is better than Roll20?

Ans: Roll20 is most probably the best online platform for playing D&D. However, if you want to try something else, you should consider running Fantasy Grounds.

Q: Can I use Roll20 without paying any money?

Ans: Yes, Roll20 is completely free, and you don’t need to pay for it to run it.

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