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Top 4 Best PowerPoint Alternatives

PowerPoint Alternatives

PowerPoint was the first came into existence in 1987. Since then, Microsoft added an array of features with every updated version to keep it up to date and meet the requirements of the users, and that is the main reason why it is still one of the great presentation tools.

The tool changes the whole concept of presentations, education, training, and much more. Considering the popularity of the tool, developers build a plethora of other presentation tools that are now easily available on the internet.

Though various reputed companies and educational institutes are still using the PowerPoint for presentation purposes, there are numerous other tools that are worth trying as well. These outstanding tools offer the same or many superior features than PowerPoint and enable both the professionals and amateurs to make incredibly creative, engaging and customized presentations.

Since you will find thousands of presentation tools, it will be an overwhelming task for you to determine the best out of them. That is why we have arranged a list of Best PowerPoint Alternatives that you can use for presentations to make them more engaging. So, let’s take a look at some greatest PowerPoint Alternatives below!

Best PowerPoint Alternatives

PowerPoint Alternatives

PowerPoint Alternatives

1-      Keynote – PowerPoint Alternatives

Keynote – PowerPoint Alternatives

Keynote – PowerPoint Alternatives

Keynote tops the list of Best PowerPoint Alternatives and rightly so as it is considered the Apple version of PowerPoint. Using the Keynote, you will be able to create well-looking streamlined, sleek decks. The design is obviously the forefront of your presentations and software.

Worry no more if you are running out of time to make modifications in your presentations as it also offers a cloud version, which you can access from anywhere, anytime, and through any browser. The only thing that might be hard for PowerPoint users is its navigations menu. If you are used to PowerPoint, it might take some time to fully master it.

Moreover, you can export files in either PPTX or PDF formats, which makes it more easy to create your presentations.

Why Keynote?

  • Come equipped with thirty-plus cinematic effects to choose from to make your presentations more creative.
  • Use the tool to create animate charts for more interactive presentations.
  • Collaborate and share files with your colleagues comfortably.
  • Save files in either PowerPoint of PD formats.

2-      Prezi – PowerPoint Alternatives

Prezi – PowerPoint Alternatives

Prezi – PowerPoint Alternatives

Foster discussion and create more interactive and engaging presentations using the Prezi tool. The amazing thing that you will experience while using the Prezi is you can zoom in or out the slides of your presentation rather than viewing them one by one, just like you experience in PowerPoint.

This zoom in and out feature comes handy when you want to concentrates on crucial topics from your presentations. Using the latest version of the Prezi, you will be allowed to collaborate and share ideas with your team of up to ten members.

It is a go-to option for people who are working on projects as a freelancer. Moreover, to make your presentation perfect and satisfy the needs of your clients, you can add comments of the client to make the necessary changes. It is another great PowerPoint alternative.

Why Prezi?

  • You will be able to get access to your presentations to view and make the necessary changes from any device.
  • The tool also supports cloud storage so that you can save your presentations to your cloud account.
  • You will also be able to share and collaborate your ideas with your team of up to ten members.
  • Worry not if you don’t have an internet connection. You can download it to use it offline.
  • It comes equipped with advanced photo editing tools.

3-      Canva – PowerPoint Alternatives

Canva – PowerPoint Alternatives

Canva – PowerPoint Alternatives

Another simple yet great tool to create creative and interactive presentations is Canva. The tool should be your best pick if you are just started to create presentations. You just need to sign up and then pick up a template that you like without paying any money. It is another fantastic PowerPoint alternative.

After that, you will be able to alter the pre-built templates to create presentations. The tool is also great for people who want to create interactive presentations with minimal hassle and instantly. However, if you want everything perfect, it might take some time, and you might get frustrated.

For people who make presentations as a team, they can use the collaboration feature to communicate and share with each other. You will also be able to store your presentations in either PPTX or PDF formats. However, it doesn’t support PPT files.

Why Canva?

  • It comes equipped with multiple presentations templates that you can choose from.
  • Share your presentation to social media profiles with ease.
  • It also comes equipped with tons of icons that you can use to make your presentations more interactive and engaging.
  • Download your presentations in PPTX or PDF formats.

4-      Renderforest – PowerPoint Alternatives

Renderforest – PowerPoint Alternatives

Renderforest – PowerPoint Alternatives

Are you searching for a tool that helps you to build and broadcast video presentations? Here is the Renderforest. Using the Renderforest, you will be able to make video presentations with a straightforward workflow. You just need to perform three steps that modify a slide, customize colors, pick the music, and here is your presentation ready for you.

The reason why we have included this in our Best PowerPoint Alternatives list is that you will be able to create incredibly engaging video presentations without any hassle, and share them on your social media accounts, such as YouTube and Facebook, as well as share links on social networks. Moreover, it also lets you download your video presentation in MP4 format.

Why Renderforest?

  • Instantly build video presentations with intuitive features and easy to use navigations.
  • An array of video templates to choose from.
  • Add music to your video presentations.
  • Download your presentations in MP4 format.


So these are some fantastic PowerPoint Alternatives that are worth trying to build interactive, creative, and more engaging presentations. For more tools like these, keep us visiting.


Q: What tool should I have to create video presentations?

Ans: Renderforest is one of the best tools to build video presentations.

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