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Top 7 Best Mailchimp Alternatives

Mailchimp Alternatives

Mailchimp is one of the best tools for marketing, and it is used by millions of marketers from all over the world. The tool has dominated the mail marketing industry for a long time. However, the time has changed now, and there are various other emerging MailChimp competitors that offer the same or much better marketing options.

Since the Mailchimp modifieds its marketing plans prices, the users of the service are started thinking whether they should continue using the Mailchimp or switch over to another service. If you are one of those Mailchimp users who are now searching for Mailchimp alternatives, this post is for you. Below, we have bucketed the best Mailchimp alternatives that you can try. So, let’s begin!

7 Best Mailchimp Alternatives

7 Best Mailchimp Alternatives

7 Best Mailchimp Alternatives

1-      OmniSend – Mailchimp Alternatives

OmniSend - Mailchimp Alternatives

OmniSend – Mailchimp Alternatives

One of the best Mailchimp alternatives, and its biggest competitor, is Omnisend. The tool offers much more than just marketing. The tool enables you to connect various channels in the same workflow to harness the power of omnichannel marketing. The platform will save a lot of time by consolidating meeting efforts.

Omnisend’s core feature and focus are on marketing, which it does pretty well. The tool is simple to use, and you just need to drag and drop visual composer to customize any element in your email. Moreover, the tool also comes with in-built templates, which you can use to email creation and to make the process more straightforward.

Furthermore, Omnisend’s segmentation and automation are the best features among others that make it unique. The tool’s email automation with templates makes your complicated email automation much simpler. At the same time, the segmentation feature enables you to target your clients in multiple ways, such as campaign engagement, profile data, and more.

Notable Features

  • Gather visitors’ details with customizable forms.
  • Turn subscribers into valuable clients.
  • Smart segmentation and targeting to send the relevant message to the right customers.
  • Best platform for eCommerce.
  • Facebook Messenger, SMS, Email, web push notifications integration.
  • Live website monitoring of AB testing and behavioral data.

2-      Constant Contact – Mailchimp Alternatives

Constant Contact - Mailchimp Alternatives

Constant Contact – Mailchimp Alternatives

Another best Mailchimp alternative is Constant Contact. The marketing platform is best for small businesses and non-profit organizations. The service is straightforward to use, as it features a drag and drop editor, which allows you to create professional emails in a matter of a few minutes.

Constant Contact will give you all the features that you can expect from an app like this, such as open rates, track mail deliverability, manage email lists, etc. Moreover, you can see your campaign progress through their elegant reports.

Furthermore, you can use its basic feature, which will enable you to send a welcome message to new subscribers, automatically resend emails to non-openers, trigger emails by observing subscribers’ behavior, etc. what’s more? Well, it also offers eCommerce solutions to reach existed clients. You can use the service to create donation pages for non-profit organizations, polls, and surveys, sign up forms, and much more.

The things that make it more appealing is that it offers support through live chat, email, phone, community support, etc.

Notable Features

  • Free trial to test the service.
  • Add images to your emails using its lightweight library option.
  • Autoresponder, contact management, deliverability, etc.
  • Send trackable coupons to your clients.
  • An extensive range of in-built templates.

3-      Sendinblue – Mailchimp Alternatives

Sendinblue - Mailchimp Alternatives

Sendinblue – Mailchimp Alternatives

Another powerful and best Mailchimp alternative is Sendinblue. The service is best to do email and sms marketing for businesses. The service comes with incredible features, including email marketing automation, email newsletter creation, landing pages, SMS campaigns, live chat, Facebook marketing, and much more.

Sendinblue allows you to observe visitors’ behavior and send them personalized emails. Moreover, the tool comes with in-built templates that are easy to use, as well as incredible email deliverability to maximize your marketing campaigns. The service is an outstanding Mailchimp alternative and offers many superior features than it, such as live chat and SMS marketing. Furthermore, it also offers affordable pricing plans starting from $66 per month.

Notable Features

  • Outstanding deliverability.
  • Live chat, email, and phone customer support.
  • Automation tools for advanced marketing.
  • Create highly customizable signup forms.
  • Add eCommerce plugins, such as Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce, etc.

4-      Drip – Mailchimp Alternatives

Drip - Mailchimp Alternatives

Drip – Mailchimp Alternatives

Another best Mailchimp alternative is Drip, which is an incredible marketing service for eCommerce stores. The service allows you to create engagements on social media accounts and reach customers by sending them emails by using its multichannel touch-points. The service also helps you to manage visitors to your website based on their behavior.

Furthermore, the service allows you to gather the visitors’ data and store it in custom fields, tags, and events. The service works smartly and reaches out to clients at an appropriate time by observing their behavior when they make a purchase. The app offers various customization options, including price-drop notifications, recommendations about products, custom discount codes, and much more.

Notable Features

  • Create an email campaign in a fun and more engaging way using its visual workflow builder.
  • It sends relevant emails to the right customers using their profiles.
  • Extend the usability of the software by integrating it with multiple applications and solutions.
  • Facebook ads, email blasts, performance tracking, and much more.

5-      Aweber – Mailchimp Alternatives

Aweber - Mailchimp Alternatives

Aweber – Mailchimp Alternatives

Another popular marketing tool and best Mailchimp alternative are Aweber. The software has been in the email marketing business for quite a long time. The tool makes its campaign builder as one of the best marketing tools. The software more templates than any other software in this list, that comes with multiple palettes and make email creation simpler. Moreover, each of its in-built templates is highly customizable, and you can customize them as per your needs.

Although exit intent is not possible, but you can create rudimentary popups. Furthermore, the software doesn’t host any landing page, which means you will have to copy-paste codes to use landing pages and popups.

Notable Features

  • Various in-built templates that make email creation simpler.
  • Incredible email automation.
  • Autoresponder, AB split testing, list management, and much more.
  • Auto-fetch articles for creating automated blog newsletter emails.

6-      GetResponse – Mailchimp Alternatives

GetResponse - Mailchimp Alternatives

GetResponse – Mailchimp Alternatives

GetResponse is another best Mailchimp alternative that you can use for email marketing. The software, like other email marketing software in this list, offers everything that you can expect from an email marketing software. The tool is best for people who want to have something which they can afford but includes all their favorite features. The software offers incredible customization options.

Since it offers various customization options, it makes it more simple for you to create your custom, unique brand tone and keep up with it instead of trying to sort out things every time you want to create an email newsletter. You can use its free trial plan for up to thirty days to test it, whether it meets your diverse needs.

Notable Features

  • Mobile-responsive email layout, which allows you to boost your conversion rate.
  • Email and landing page creator with various options.
  • Numerous email forms to pick from.
  • AB testing options.
  • It integrates with the apps that you love.
  • Powerful segmentation options.

7-      Mailer Lite – Mailchimp Alternatives

Mailer Lite - Mailchimp Alternatives

Mailer Lite – Mailchimp Alternatives

So another powerful email marketing tool is Mailer Lite. The tool has all the abilities that make it one of the best Mailchimp alternatives. The tool features a basic email creator, as well as in-built email creation templates for multiple campaigns. It allows you to use popups, landing pages, embedded signup forms, and more to gather details.

Furthermore, the tool also offers segmentation, robust email automation, and various other personalization options, which helps you to target the right people at the right time. Moreover, It also allows you to review your strategy using its built-in reporting tools, as well as improve your campaigns through AB split tests. It offers a free version that you can test if they fulfill your marketing needs or not before going for its paid version.

Notable Features

  • Easy drag and drop email creator.
  • Custom HTML email editor.
  • Free built-in email newsletter templates.
  • Photo editing feature.
  • File manager, subscriber management, and popups.


Email marketing is one of the best strategies to build more customers. To do this, there are various tools that you can use. The most popular email marketing tool is Mailchimp, that offers incredible email marketing features. The tool has long been in the email marketing field, and with the new emerging email marketing tools, it is now getting older. Above, we have bucketed best Mailchimp alternatives that you can instead of Mailchimp.


Q: Which one is better between Omnisend or Mailchimp?

Ans: Omnisend has a more friendly email campaign building for eCommerce, as well as it also offers gamified forms for mail capture. While Segmentation option is equally useful in both Omnisend and Mailchimp.

Q: Can I use Mailchimp for free?

Ans: Yes, you can use Mailchimp for free and can access its basic features to build your audience and launch campaigns.

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