MacOS Mojave Features and Details | Complete Guide

OS Mojave Features and Details, Complete Guide

macOS Mojave is another major release of the Apple desktop operating system. Mac Mojave released in 2018, and in August 2019, Apple released a supplemental update of Mac Mojave version 10.14.6. This new version of Mac Mojave includes various new features to help make Mac users’ life on the Desktop much more comfortable.

macOS Mojave’s new features include things such as more comprehensive dark mode, which is excellent for working in a dim environment, Stacks which enable users to tidy up their Desktop instantly. Other features of Mojave include refined screenshot interface and iOS apps that were previously exclusive to iOS, such as Stocks, Voice Memos, Home, and Apple News.

macOS Mojave Features

macOS Mojave Features

In this article, we will discuss macOS Mojave features, benefits,  and how they work.

macOS Mojave Features

macOS Mojave Features

macOS Mojave Features

Below is a list of macOS Mojave new features;

macOS Mojave Dark Mode

macOS Mojave Dark Mode

macOS Mojave Dark Mode

macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode is the flagship new feature for recent macOS update. Dark Mode brings a long-awaited native dark interface to the Mac. Previous versions of Macs, such as High Sierra and Sierra, aren’t able to use dark mode but can use dark dock and menu bar.

The majority of users are struggling to understand the hype about the dark mode. It has only become famous in the last couple of years as organizations started to roll out dark mode to make night users and those with bright screens benefit. Dark mode has been around way before, but only now have Apple adopted this into macOS Movaje.

In macOS Mojave, Dark Mode uses dark colors, replacing light colors in the user interface. Its dark mode theme is carried across the UI. For users who love Dark Mode, below are some of the benefits of macOS Dark Mode;

Benefits of Dark Mode

  • Better Contrast
  • Enhanced Readability of text
  • Less blue light
  • Less flicker
  • Save a small amount of power
  • Less prone to triggering photophobia.
How to enable the Dark Mode in macOS Mojave?

Enabling and disabling dark mode in macOS Mojave can be done through Mac System Preferences.

  • Click on the Apple icon at the top left.
  • Open General tab
  • Open system preferences
  • Select Dark option under the Appearance

Additionally, you can select the Auto option to switch between Dark and Light mode throughout the day automatically.

macOS Dynamic Desktop

macOS Dynamic Desktop

macOS Dynamic Desktop

Using alongside Mac Dark Mode capability, the Dynamic Desktop is a time-shifting feature that changes the look of a desktop wallpaper based on the time of day in a location. Dynamic Desktop wallpapers with the time of the day, change the lighting and look of the wallpaper with the progress of the sun.

Benefits of Dynamic Desktop

  • Warm morning light
  • Bright afternoon light
  • Cool evening light
How to use macOS Movaje Dynamic Desktop?

You can enable Dynamic Desktop of macOS Movaje by following these steps;

  • Launch System Preferences
  • Select Desktop and Screensaver
  • Choose the Dynamic Desktop option under the Desktop.
  • Use the dropdown menu and ensure that the Dynamic is enabled.

macOS Movaje Continuity Camera

macOS Movaje Continuity Camera

macOS Movaje Continuity Camera

macOS introduces another fantastic feature of Continuity Camera, which allows users to capture photos and scan documents with iOS devices, such as iPods and iPhones instantly. This function is especially useful when creating documents or sending emails. It is an effortless way to communicate, share pictures and documents with few clicks.

Benefits of Continuity Camera

  • Instantly scan documents
  • Instantly take photos
  • Instantly share photographs or documents.
How to use macOS Movaje Continuity Camera?

To use Continuity Camera, you need as iOS device and macOS Movaje running. Several apps on Mac is compatible with Continuity Camera, including Numbers, Keynote, TextEdit, Bear, Notes, etc. To get started;

  • Open a document
  • Right-click and choose Insert from the iPhone.
  • Select between Taking phot and Scan Documents

macOS Movaje Gallery View

macOS Movaje Gallery View

macOS Movaje Gallery View

Another fantastic feature of macOS Movaje is Gallery View. This feature is useful for flipping through a folder packed with images, PDF files, and other document types when you search a particular file using a large preview image.

Benefits of Gallery View

  • Allow users to identify their data quickly.

How to use macOS Movaje Gallery View

Before using macOS Movaje Gallery View, you have to enable it from Finder. You can do this following these steps;

  • Launch new Finder window
  • Select the 4th option under the View
  • It is now enabled

macOS Movaje Screenshots

macOS Movaje Screenshots

macOS Movaje Screenshots

The screenshots feature of macOS has always been beyond offering from competing for desktop platforms, and with macOS Movaje, Apple makes it easier to capture and manage screenshots.

This new feature of macOS Movaje can be accessed from the utility folder or by shortcut key (Shift-Cmd-5), offers the on-screen user interface that is dedicated to capturing screenshots. This screenshot feature is somehow similar to grab, but significantly more improved and powerful.

Benefits of Screenshots

  • Provides instant thumbnail preview
  • Video capabilities for recording parts of the screen
How to Take Screenshots in macOS Movaje?

The majority of users are familiar with the older Mac system. Older versions of Mac use Cmd-Shift-3 to capture the whole screen, and Cmd-Shift-4 to capture a specific window. But with macOS Mavoje, there is another Cmd-Shift-5 key, and using this key user will get a menu bar at the bottom. This menu bar will offer five options. That includes;

  • Cmd-Shift-3: Whole screen screenshot
  • Screenshot a particular window
  • Cmd-Shift-4: Screenshot a particular area
  • For video, record the entire screen.
  • Record a particular part of the screen


macOS Movaje offers various new features, and some of its most useful features are stated above. These features boost the productivity level of macOS Movaje users. Upgrade your Mac to Movaje and take full advantage of these fantastic new features.

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Below are some most asked questions by multiple users;

Q: Should I upgrade to macOS Movaje?

Ans: yes, the majority of Mac users upgraded to macOS Movaje because it is a sturdy, stable, and free. If your device is compatible with it, you should update your Mac to take full advantage of its new features.

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