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Lynket (Previously Chromer App): Download And Use

Lynket (Previously Chromer) and Anniversary Update

Suppose you have received a link through WhatsApp or any other messaging app, and you want to open it. When you tap on the link you have received, you will be prompted to your default browser. And then, after you are done with the link, you will have to switch back to the app you were using.

But what if your app wants to display the link as well as customize it so that you don’t have to leave the app just for viewing the link? There is a component, which is known as WebView and is the only way to display web pages and build a custom browser.

Lynket (Previously Chromer) App Download And Use

Lynket (Previously Chromer) App Download And Use

Webview wasn’t a perfect browser, and there were some bugs, including security patches and Android updates, as well as in some cases, it crashes the app. However, sometime later, Google did something surprising and introduce custom Tabs, which was an API used to load the lightweight version of Google Chrome. Custom Tabs were much better than WebView. It can be updated through Play Store, sync your browsing activity with your Google account, and save passwords. The only problem was you need to implement each and every app.

Lynket (Previously Chromer App) and Anniversary Update

Lynket (Previously Chromer) and Anniversary Update

Lynket (Previously Chromer) and Anniversary Update

Over time, Google keeps improving the browsing experience for the users, and Google Chrome tested by opening custom tabs by default without using the Lynket (Previously Chromer) and system Webview in Nougat+ versions using Google Chrome internally.

Due to some Google Play Store policies, Chromer app name was changed because it resembled Google Chrome. Chromer app is now known as Lynket.

Lynket (chromer app) browser’s Key Functionalities

Lynket (Previously Chromer)

Lynket (Previously Chromer)

Below are some of its key functionalities for a better browsing experience;

  • Respect for Android App Lifecycle: Lynket Browser utilizes Android’s recent screen for creating multiple tabs, and this can be done by using Lollipop’s Document API, which is somehow similar to Chrome’s Apps Mode and Merge Tabs that aren’t available now.
  • Ability to Work with any browser with Custom Tabs API: It has the ability to work with any browser that implements the Custom Tabs and inherits the browser’s behavior, including shared sign-in info and tracking protection bookmark syncing, and more.
  • Floating Bubbles For Background Loading: As Custome Tabs of the Lynket Browser are activities and cant be really loaded in the background. It is possible now to background the loading of Custom tabs through Lynket Browser 2.0 version. It works when you launch the URL and goes to the background instantly without distracting your browsing. The process is somehow the same as Google Chrome’s Merge Tabs and Apps Mode.
  • Intuitive Multitasking: If you ever used Google Chrome’s Merge Tabs and Apps Mode feature, then you probably know that it doesn’t provide you a way to access web pages tabs only in the midst of all apps in the overview screen. But Lynket solves this problem by introducing a Tabs screen where you can see all the active tabs opened by the browser.
  • Much Better Mobile Browsing Experience: Browsing on your phone is much different than browsing on the desktop. Lynket Browser introduces two modes that are AMP and Article Mode. The AMP mode of the browser loads the pages much faster, even on a slow internet connection. The Article Mode of the browser is an amazing feature. Similar to various other web browsers that offer a mode known as Reader Mode, which is used to remove unnecessary content from the page you are browsing and gather the gist of the article. It is no different but looks great and functions much better.
  • The app allows users to configure incognito mode and secondary browser for apps particularly.

In Lynket browser’s Settings, you can choose the app as your default browser as well as customize the URL bar as per your needs. You can change its color, choosing from more than twenty color options, or let it change by itself depending on the website you are browsing.

What makes Lynket stand out from other browsers is simple: it doesn’t offer any distractions while you are browsing. It’s a unique tab, particularly emphasizing on the website you are browsing. Moreover, it sports an appealing layout design and provides a fast browsing experience. Last but not least, Lynket always uses the latest version of Chrome’s rendering engine, which makes sure a safe environment for you to perform all your browsing.
Lynket is an incredible alternative for web browsing that stands out due to its incredibly small size, which is about 1 MB and its beautiful interface.

How to Download Lynket Browser on Your Mobile?

How to Download Lynket Browser on Your Mobile.

How to Download Lynket Browser on Your Mobile.

To download Lynkt Browser on your mobile, it is a straightforward process. To do this, you need to perform below-stated steps;

  • First of all, open the Google Play Store from your Mobile.
  • Now type Lynket in the search bar of the Play Store.
  • Tap the Search icon.
  • When you see the Lynket Browser tap on it.
  • Now tap the Install option.
  • This will download and install the app on your phone.


Lynket, previously known as Chromer, is a unique web browser that is based on Custom Tabs protocol. The main idea behind the browser when it was first launched was to open all the links you tap on in a Chrome Custom Tab. The majority of the apps don’t have Custom Tabs, so Lynket bypasses their in-built browsers. It means you can have Chrome’s rendering, security, and save passwords benefits without launching the full Chrome browser.


Below are some most asked questions by multiple users;

Q: Can I download Lyket Browser for free?

Ans: Yes, you can download the Lynket browser for free from the Google Play Store.

Q: Are Lynket and Chromer are same browsers?

Ans: Yes, Lynket was known as  Chromer when it was launched. Later, due to some Google Play Store policies, the name was changed to Lynket Browser.

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