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How to Set Instagram Screen Time Limit | Complete Guide

Instagram Time Limit

In this article we will discuss how to set an Instagram time limit, let’s start with Instagram. Instagram is amongst the most extensively used social media platforms today, but not everyone is entirely familiar with it. If you aren’t a user of social media, you might be curious about what it is and how it works.

Here, we will talk about what is it? How does it work? What are the benefits of it? And what is the Instagram time limit?

Introduction to Instagram:

Instagram Time Limit


Instagram is a free social media platform designed for sharing photos and videos. Initially, Instagram was launched for iOS and later became available on Android devices as well. Like various other social media platforms, Instagram allows users to follow other users that you are interested in. This creates a feed on Instagram homepage displaying posts from users you are following. You have options to like or comment on those posts. It also supports direct messages, and users can chat with friends in private.

How Does it Work?

Instagram Time Limit


For using Instagram, you need to sign up and create an Instagram account. Another way to use Instagram is that if you have a Facebook account, you can utilize it to access Instagram.

Discovering and Following

Instagram Time Limit

Instagram is more fun when you follow other people. For this, you have to go to the magnifying glass icon on the bar and open the Discover page. There, it will display users and photos thinks you might like, as well as categories at the top. Use the search option that can be found at the top to look up for people you want to follow. When you click someone’s profile, it will open the user homepage where you can hit the Follow option to start following them.

Users can set their profile to private, which means only those people can see your profile you approve. When someone wants to follow you, they must send a request that you can confirm or decline.

Posting on Instagram

Instagram Time Limit

If you want to upload a new post, tap the plus icon located on the bottom toolbar. Here you can select to take a new video or photo or upload an existing photo from your gallery. After choosing a photo that you want to upload, you can apply one of the various Instagram filters by tapping the filter option.

After done, you can add a comment to your photo, tag people in it, mark the location if you want, and select whether to share it with other social networks. After hitting the share option, your photo will be visible on your profile and to your followers.

Why Use Instagram?

Instagram Time Limit

You might be curious about what is the purpose of using Instagram when there are so many other social media platforms. The main attraction of Instagram is that it’s based on photos, which are easy to capture with a mobile device. You do need to carry a camera to share the world surrounding you – take a picture, apply filters, and you are ready to go.

Even if photography isn’t your hobby and you don’t care about it, Instagram is a lurker where you can follow other people but don’t post, and it is totally fine. It is a fun way to keep up with your friends, and celebrities also give their glimpses through stories.

Benefits of Instagram

Instagram Time Limit

Below are some advantages fo Instagram;

  • It is easy, fast, and fun way to share your life with friends and family.
  • Increase artistic skills by taking pictures
  • Improve communication skills
  • You can post photos of your product or services that you offer for the world to see

How to set Instagram Time Limit

Instagram Time Limit

Instagram Time Limit

About one-third of the world’s total population uses a smartphone. Although it has radically changed people’s lives, a smartphone comes with its share of issues, and digital addiction is amongst the major ones. We spend a significant amount of time using social media platforms, including Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thankfully, recently almost all major social media platforms introduced their activity time trackers to track down the time spent on these social media platforms. This activity time tracker enables you to set a particular time limit on these apps. Once the time is over, the app in question will remind you about the same. It is not a foolproof technique but certainly a way to keep app overuse in check.

Below, we will guide you about how to set a time limit on Instagram.

Setting Time Limit on Instagram

Instagram Time Limit

Instagram Time Limit

Instagram features three sections for the Your Activity feature that include Activity Dashboard, and this section will display you how much time you have been spending on Instagram daily. Additionally, it will also display the average time that you spend per week.

Another feature of Instagram named Manage Your Time, which will enable you to set the time, as mentioned above, limit anywhere between 15 minutes to 8-hours. This feature can be found on the Instagram setting page, and all you have to do is to tap on Set Daily Reminder and set the time which you deem appropriate. Below is a step-by-step guide to set you an Instagram time limit.

  • To access the tool, go to the setting page
  • Go to Your Activity
  • Tap on Set Daily Reminder option, set up the daily reminder, and the time that you think appropriate
  • Mute Instagram notifications

There is also another option that will enable you to mute Instagram Push Notifications, and you can see them under the notification settings.

App notifications are nothing but distress in disguise, and if you feel that the in-app setting isn’t going to cut it, it is recommended to block the notification altogether. If you have an Android Nougat or above, it can be done straightforwardly from the lock screen. Long press on the notification and select disable.


Instagram is a useful social media platform where you can communicate with new people, share your story, and enhance your communication and artistic skills. If you are a businessman, you can engage with customers in a place where they love to spend their time.


Below are most asked questions by multiple users;

Q: Is Instagram Useful?

Ans: Yes, it is a useful social media platform to enhance your multiple abilities and skills.

Q: Can you put a time limit on Instagram?

Ans: Yes, you can set a time limit on Instagram by navigating the Setting page.

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