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How to Increase Download Speed On Xbox One

How to Increase Download Speed On Xbox One

If you are a gamer or streaming using an Xbox One and you want to Increase Download Speed On Xbox One. You will need to go through a lot of factors in order to improve the performance of your internet. Here, we are discussing the ways by which you download games at much better speed but getting through some tips and tricks with some straightforward processes.

How to Increase Download Speed On Xbox One

Sometimes large games or files take a lot of time to be downloaded in your system, and you get sick of the slow internet and connectivity, so you want to get a solution. Fortunately, we can guide you with some tips in this article that you can follow to improve your connection speed.

How to Increase Download Speed On Xbox One

How to Increase Download Speed On Xbox One

Close the Games and Other Apps

The first thing you can check is other games or apps running in your background. The Xbox One lets you play games or use the apps while a game is downloading. Due to this, sometimes the download is affected, and it takes more time than usual, and you get annoyed. There are some steps that you can do to improve speed.

  • If you close the games and other apps that may be running while you are downloading a new game, then your Xbox will run faster, which means that your download speed will get better too.
  • To close a game, press the Xbox button, highlight the game that you want to close from the sidebar and then press the menu button and select the Quit option.

Put Less Pressure on Your Internet Connection

The Xbox One lets you play the games and apps while you are already downloading something from the internet. Due to this, the internet becomes laggy, and the download process becomes slow. Especially if you are playing multiplayer games online, it will cause more issues.

  • Try not to play multiplayer games or stream any videos from your Xbox when you are downloading a game from the internet. It will enhance your internet speed.
  • To close a multiplayer game, press the Xbox button, highlight the game that you want to close from the sidebar and then press the menu button and select the Quit option to shut down the running multiplayer game.

Reboot your Internet Router

It is not necessary that the slow internet speed or download speed is due to other apps or games. Sometimes Xbox one has had more to do with your internet router connectivity. Try to reboot your router by shutting it down and restarting it.

  • You can try to reboot your router by disconnecting it from the source connection.
  • Wait a few moments and plug the router back into the source.
  • Your router will be reset, and it may improve your overall download speed.
Reboot your Internet Router

Reboot your Internet Router

Download Single Game at a Time

The Xbox One is a powerful device that allows you to download multiple games at the same time, but it also affects your download speed. You can try downloading only one game at one time.

  • Downloading one game at a time will help you improve the internet speed.
  • If you have multiple games being downloaded at the same, then you can pause any one of those downloads by pressing the Xbox button and accessing Queue.

Use the Ethernet Cable

Try to use Ethernet cable for the internet, if you have an Ethernet cable, then you don’t have to worry for the wifi connection because Ethernet improves your download speed better than wifi.

  • You have to connect the Ethernet cable to your internet router and with Xbox One.
  • Your internet connection will become stronger once connected, and your downloads will speed up too.
  • If this doesn’t work, try to restart your Xbox One console to remove any stray bugs that might be preventing your downloads from being completed.
Use the Ethernet Cable

Use the Ethernet Cable

Restart the Downloads

You can go to the home screen and select my apps and game options and then proceed as follows.

  • Use stick on the controller to the right side so that it highlights the option of my apps and games and then press the A button of the controller to select it.
  • Then select the queued files or games which are displayed in the currently downloading section of the downloads.
  • You can also select an active download and then pause it or restart it.
  • Then you can press the menu button on your controller with three lines on it, and it will help you cancel the current download.
  • Then again press the Xbox button that is the big button in the center of the controller with a logo
  • Then select the store lab from the options
  • Then go to the app or game that you were already trying to download. You can select it and can use a magnifying glass icon to search for a or any app by its name and browse to store or select that game.
  • After you have selected the game, click on the install option, and it will restart the download and the installation process of that file.


In this discussion, we discussed how you could increase the speed of your internet on Xbox one. We have mentioned different tips and tricks by which you can easily boost your internet download speed with Xbox one. We discussed everything that is related to the improvement of internet speed on the Xbox One. The data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Why are Xbox updates so slow?

Your update may be slow because your console is connected via an Ethernet as wireless. Wireless can be unstable sometimes. You can close the other downloads and other apps that are associated with the internet in order to increase the internet speed.

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