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How to Call India from the USA at cheap rates?

How to Call India from the USA at cheap rates

Don’t you love calling your family at the cheapest rates when you are living in another country mile away from your family? Are you willing to know how to call India from the USA at cheap rates? If you have answered yes, this piece of article is for you.

International calls generally cost a lot, especially if you have turned on the roaming service. Since many Indians live in the USA, the demand for making calls to India at the cheapest rates is constantly increasing. However, finding a reliable and quality service is a real headache.

Although there are various options that you can use, including VOIP services, India Calling cards, and a plethora of apps, finding the best one is an arduous task.

That being said, I’ve decided to write a comprehensive post to find out some best of the best options that you can use. So, let’s get started!

What is the Cheapest Way to Call India from the USA?

What is the Cheapest Way to Call India from the USA..

What is the Cheapest Way to Call India from the USA..

Finding the cheapest way varies depending person to person requirements. It heavily depends on the device you are using and on the frequency of the call. It means the answer to what is the cheapest way to call India from the USA needs in-depth discussion. Below is a list of best ways to call India from the US at cheap rates.

1-      Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice

The big G is heavily dominating the world to make everything simple and straight. Besides Google’s other astonishing services, Google Voice is not an exception. The service is an online calling platform by which users can call all around the world at incredibly cheap rates.

They offer not only lets you call to India from the USA at cheap rates, but you can also call from any part of the world. The services’ standard rates per minute are 2 cents and 1 cent for landline numbers and mobile phones, respectively.

However, before you can make a call through Google Voice, you have to create your account first. The process doesn’t take much time if you follow the below guidelines;

  • First of all, access the official Google Voice website using the link ( to sign up.
  • Once you have created the Google Voice account, now dial the number you want to call to while still logged in to your account.
  • In this regard, you will be required to have a mobile, a cordless phone, and a VOIP adapter. Now link all of them with the broadband connection.
  • There you go – make as many calls as you want.

Moreover, just like smartphones, you can also avail of its voice mail service.

2-      Keku



Although there are a plethora of apps that let you call India from the USA at the cheapest rates, one of the best ones is Keku. Using the Keku app, you will be able to call anywhere in the world at incredibly cheapest rates. The way this app work is unique.

Firstly, it assigns a local number to the number you are going to make a call, which they can use forever if they want. You have to call that local number, and the app will automatically connect this call to the international number. The app will only charge you $100 for a 100 minutes call time.

You can also choose its monthly plan, which is quite cost-efficient and costs only $18. it can be downloaded from the App Store for both Android and iOS devices.

3-      Vonage



VOIP technology is amazing and lets you talk freely without any worries. One of the best ways to call India from the USA on the cheapest rates is using Vonage. It also requires you to have a mobile, cordless, or standard phone, adapter, and a good internet connection.

If you currently don’t have a Vonage adapter and look for a place to buy one, you should go to the Vonage official website to purchase. The best thing about Vonage is it offers unlimited calls to landlines across up to 50 countries, while for mobile calls, you will get 10 minutes.

However, for India individually, it offers unlimited calls for both landline and mobile calls. The monthly rates for the service are only $29. It is especially a great option for those who make unlimited extended calls to India. Moreover, the service also provides voice mailing service and delivers voice mails in MP3 format.

It allows you to get all the calls record even when you are not at home. However, for that, you have to register yourself. Vonage is the first option for most Indian Americans living in the USA.

4-      Skype



Skype doesn’t need any introduction. Almost everyone with a computer is familiar with it. However, if you have never heard about it, it is an application popular for text, video, and audio calling. It can be used from both mobiles and computers. Although you can make unlimited free calls from skype to skype, it also has a paid calling option that can be used for mobile and landline calls anywhere in the world.

Skype is great for those who have Skype installed on both ends, while the paid calling option is for those users that do not have a skype account and looking for a cheap way to make calls. Skype has two types of landline and mobile calling plans. One is you will pay according to your call duration before making a call, and the other is subscribing to its monthly plan.

Paying as you go, Skype offers charge 1.5 cents for both mobile and landline calls in India, while the monthly subscription offers different packages. For $1.42, you will get 120 monthly minutes; for $8.9, you will get 800 minutes, and for $20, it offers 2,500 monthly minutes.

5-      Viber



Viber is another popular app among both mobile and desktop users who loves to chat and make free calls. Using Viber, you will be able to text, call, and video call to other Viber users in your contact list. The service requires you to have an internet connection on both ends. Although Viber to Viber calls are entirely free, you will have to pay to make landlines and mobile calls.

The app is a good option to call India from the USA on cheap rates (for mobile and landline calls) and an amazing app to make Viber to Viber free call all across the world.

6-      WhatsApp



Just like Skype, I don’t think that WhatsApp needs any introduction as it is familiar to any person with a smartphone. It is a mobile application that you can use to send text and make audio and video calls. You’ll be able to make entirely free calls as long as you and the other party have WhatsApp on your phones.

All you need is internet connectivity on both ends. However, you cannot call landlines or mobile numbers if you or the other party don’t have WhatsApp installed on their phone. This is an incredible option to make calls to India from the USA if you are living there.

7-      International Calling Cards

International Calling Cards

International Calling Cards

Do you have a prepaid SIM card that you use within India? Then you will find International Calling cards somewhat similar, as they also allow you to call for a limited time. However, unlike SIM cards, you don’t have to insert them in your phone in order to make calls. These cards have a local number and a PIN code.

To call India from the USA at cheap rates, you just have to dial the local number you want to call to from your phone and then dial the PIN code. After that, you will have to dial the international number you are going to call. What makes the best option to call India from the US is they are far more affordable than local companies in the United States.

Moreover, using an International Calling Card, you don’t have to deal with the billing process.

8-      Ringo



Another mobile app that you should take a look at is Ringo. It also allows you to make calls to India from the US at cheap rates. The app claims that they offer top-quality internet-based calling experience. The rates of making a call to India from the US are incredibly cheap while you want to make a landline or a phone call.

Moreover, besides cheap rates call to India from the US, it also enables you to call any other country number at minimal call charges.

9-      Rebtel



You might find Rebtel relatively a new calling app since it is not as popular as some other apps, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc. but it will get the job done for you pretty amazingly. Like any other app on this list, it also lets you make calls to India from the US at cheap rates. However, the functionality of the app is slightly different from other calling apps.

While most mobile apps for calling require you to connect to an internet connection, this is not the case with Rebtel. It means you don’t need an internet connection to make calls to India from the US at cheap rates. The calling quality is great, and you will find it pretty easy to use.

However, you will have to subscribe to their monthly plan that will cost you $10 per month. This is not a high price since you will get unlimited talk time. But wait, you should also know that this app restricts you to only call up to 30 numbers, which means it cannot be used for business purposes.

This isn’t too bad as most of use only want to call our home number or our friends living in India.

10-  Reliance Global Calling Cards

Reliance Global Calling Cards

Reliance Global Calling Cards

Similar to International calling cards mentioned above, Reliance calling cards are also another way that you can use to call India from the US at cheap rates. However, you might find the rates slightly higher than some network providers.

You don’t have to install anything on your phone to use Reliance Global calling cards. All you have to do is buy a Reliance Global calling card, and you are all good to make a call to India from the US at cheap rates. No matter what phone you are using, you can call from anywhere and from any device.

Final Thoughts

There you go – I have outlined ten best ways to make calls to India from the US at cheap rates. All of these are great, reliable, and cost-efficient. Moreover, all these services’ calling rates are significantly less than local companies that you use for calling. In addition, to use these platforms to call India from the US at cheap rates, you can also call any other number from any device all across the globe. If you have questions regarding how to call India from the US at cheap rates, you are always welcome to type a comment below.


Q: Can I call an India toll-free number for free from the US?

Ans: Yes, to make a free call to an India toll-free number from the US, you have to dial US exit code (011), then India country code (91), then three digits of a toll-free number, and finally, the number you want to call to.

Q: What is the best way to call India from the US at cheap rates?

Ans: The cheapest way to call India from the US is to use an international calling card. However, to make online free calls, you should use Skype, Viber, or WhatsApp.

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