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Top 4 Best Alternatives to PayPal

Alternatives to PayPal

Whenever we hear about online payment, the very first thing that crosses our minds is PayPal. PayPal is one of the greatest revolutions of technology in the modern era. The platform not only allows you to send and receive money from your family and friends but also makes sure that the transactions that you have made are much more safer than many other options available out there.

Moreover, the platform also includes eCommerce, robust invoicing, reporting tools, payment processing, and much more that enables you to receive payments for the services and products without going through any complicated process.

The main reason why PayPal is one of the greatest platforms for online transactions is that a massive number of users use it all around the world, and they are used to it. However, there are some other alternatives to PayPal that offer the same services with better rates, outstanding customer services, and a more straightforward user interface. So, let’s have a look!

4 Best Alternatives to PayPal

Alternatives to PayPal

Alternatives to PayPal

1- Skrill – Alternatives to PayPal

Skrill – Alternatives to PayPal

Skrill – Alternatives to PayPal

Skrill is considered one of the greatest Alternatives to PayPal. The service offered much better rates when you made a transaction through it; on the one hand, where PayPal about 5% over a merchant transaction, Skrill only charge you 2.9%.

If you are switching yourself to Skrill, you must consider its inactivity charges since it charges an affordable fee of just $5 if your Skrill account remains inactive for a year. Another area of concern while using Skrill is that not all the retailer accept it, while PayPal can be used by shoppers, and it is accessible for almost all the major retailers.

The reason why we list it at the top of our Alternatives to PayPal list is that it is a go-to choice for private users since it doesn’t charge any deposit fee, no fee on withdrawals, and you can send or receive your payments for free as well.

2- Payoneer – Alternatives to PayPal

Payoneer – Alternatives to PayPal

Payoneer – Alternatives to PayPal

Another best alternative to PayPal is Payoneer. Similar to PayPal, it is also one of the major electronic platforms for making transactions and has a massive user-base all across the world. Both PayPal and Payoneer have started their journey at the same time, and both of them can be used in more than two-hundred countries all across the world.

Payoneer users can opt from two types of accounts. One of its accounts allows you to withdrawal payments directly into your account without paying any charges. In contrast, the other account is a prepaid card that can be used by individuals and charges an amount of up to $30 per month. However, it offers much better rates for making transactions than PayPal and charges only $1.5 whenever you made a transaction to a local bank account.

Moreover, using the Payoneer option, you will have the choice to use its Billing Service, which is the best option for businesses to request for the payments from their customers. You can avail of this service by paying a minimal fee of 3 percent for credit cards and 1 percent for debit cards.

3- Stripe – Alternatives to PayPal

Stripe – Alternatives to PayPal

Stripe – Alternatives to PayPal

The only reason why we added Stripe in our Alternatives to PayPal list is that it can be a great alternative to PayPal in terms of online business customers. The service can be avail by only Canadian and the United States businesses, but you can receive transactions from any source.

If you want to use Stripe, it is important to know about its charges first. The platform charge 3% and 30 cents whenever you made a transaction. Another thing we liked about Stripe is that it has a self-hosted checkout process and occurs from the business owner’s side rather than send a link to the customers of sites like PayPal. This process is useful and saves a few bucks, which otherwise you need to pay per month.

Yet another feature of the platform that we like is that you can link it with your bank accounts. For instance, if you have a Stripe account and made a purchase from a business, the payment will automatically be transferred to the bank account of the business.

4- Google Pay – Alternatives to PayPal

Google Pay – Alternatives to PayPal

Google Pay – Alternatives to PayPal

Another best alternative to PayPal is Google Pay, which is a straightforward and fast way to make online transactions. This should be your go-to choice if you often make purchases from websites. You just need to add your debit and credit card information to your account, and you are ready to avail of the service anytime and from anywhere.

The service is also one fo the best online transaction platform that helps you to streamline your transactions. The service is not only for individuals, but businesses can also take advantage of it. If you are running a business, you can deliver recommendations and special offers to your customers, and gift cards as well.

The thing we liked about Google Pay is that you can make almost all the transactions without paying any charges.


Looking for Alternatives to PayPal might be a hard task for you as it is one of the greatest and widely used electronic system for online transactions. Though having alternatives and trying new ways is always a good idea. Above are some of the top Alternatives to PayPal that you should consider. All of these have some plus-points that you can’t have while using PayPal.


Q: What should I use instead of PayPal?

Ans: If you want to switch from PayPal to any other electronic platform to make online transactions, you should consider Google Pay, Skrill, Shopify Payments, or TransferWise.

Q: What is the biggest competitor to PayPal?

Ans: Though there are various platforms that offer the same services like PayPal, our best picks include Skrill, Propay, Google Wallet, Wepay, and Intuit.

Q: Is PayPal safe?

Ans: Yes, PayPal is a reputable platform and make sure that your transactions are safe. It offers much better security than various other electronic transaction platforms.

Q: Which one is better between Venmo and PayPal?

Ans: Though both the PayPal and Venmo functions similarly, and Venmo is a good option for those who make small transactions with no or a minimal fee. While PayPal is a much better option for businesses and individuals, who make big transactions.

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